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Three Video Tips for Marketing Your Takeout, Curbside and Delivery Offerings

What does video have to do with reaching your takeout or delivery customers? I went to the Charlotte Regional Farmer's Market this week. (Be assured, I practiced social distancing, and everyone was following new rules). I realized that some of my favorite people in the world weren't using video OR their social media channels to reach their best customers. I came back and looked at Facebook pages for chefs and restaurants, local farms and more.

This video is my effort to help restaurants, my friends, farmers---all of you!--market your in this time of change. The great thing about video is that you get an organic bump on Facebook when you use it. Same for sharing it to IG TV. And it helps the search engine optimization (SEO) on your website if you load it to your YouTube channel and embed it there.

Check this video out, and then make your own. It doesn't have to be perfect.....people will love the authenticity. Your customers who love you are pulling for you. And those who are meeting you for the first time want to see you win.

The tips are:

  1. Shoot video and boost your organic (unpaid) reach.

  2. It doesn't have to be perfect. After all, what's the most important thing you are selling? Your products, your restaurant, your team? All of those things are important, but the most important thing you are offering is an authentic YOU.

  3. Show off your food....don't forget the yum factor! Get the full scoop below.

Go get 'em!



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